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A case of delicious, sweet wines to try alongside a tasting with award-winning author and wine presenter, Tom Cannavan. A six bottle case features sweet wines form around the world. This case should be purchased once you have bought your ticket for Tom’s ‘Sweet Things’ wine tastings split over THURSDAYS 5 & 12 SEPTEMBER 2024. Please visit his site Sweet Things – Sweet Wine Tasting ( for much more information on the tasting. Moscato d’Asti, Moncucco DOCG Fontanafredda 2022 1x 37.5cl 5.5% “Admitting to liking Moscato d’Asti feels like confessing a guilty secret. It’s sweet. It’s a bit fizzy. It doesn’t have much more alcohol than lager. It’s not a “proper’ wine. Oh, but it’s gorgeous, like sitting under a vine, popping juicy Muscat grapes into your mouth. Instead of orange juice with your smoked salmon and scrambled egg, you ought to have this.” Vin De Hel Dessert Muscat Thelema 2021 1x 37.5cl 11% “A golden dessert wine with very typical Muscat characters on the nose. The wine shows upfront aromas of pineapple, citrus, apricots, a touch of honey and subtle floral notes. The palate is lush with the perfect balance between sweetness and fresh acidity.” Birbet Brachetto Negro 2022 1x 75cl 5% “Cherry red with violet highlight. Persistent creamy foam. Very aromatic fragrance of strawberry, raspberry and blackberry. Harmonic taste with good acidity. ” Pedro Ximenez Bella Luna NV 1x 37.5cl 15% “Deep ebony with dense aromas of raisins, dates and honey. The palate is unctuous and complex with a long, candied fruit finish.” Cotes de Montravel Moelleux Chateau Laulerie 2023 1x 75cl 11.5% “A mouthful of cream and barley sugar and a noseful of orange blossom abound in this gently sweet and excellent value wine.” The Noble Mud Pie Viognier d’Arenberg 2023 1x 37.5cl 10.5% “Superbly indulgent, wonderfully rich and complex. A nose strongly reminiscent of dried apricots is the very start of a vinous journey full of excesses. The palate is equally dominated by these exorbitant apricot notes but of equal importance are the complexing flavours of ginger bread, tinned pineapple, honey, cinnamon and cumquat. The weight of the wine is unrivalled but the whole package is neatly dragged back into check by the crisp acid backbone ensuring the bottle, once opened is unlikely to see out the evening.” PLEASE NOTE we cannot guarantee orders for multiple Mixed Cases or Mixed Cases alongside other wines in your order, will be packed exactly as displayed on the website. If you would like to receive a Mixed Case as displayed, please place a separate order for this Mixed Case.