Age verification and age-challenge software

Since we don’t sell alcoholic beverages directly to clients, we have methods in place to verify external websites that we link to, ensuring that they comply with our minimum age-challenge standards. This helps to prevent the sale of alcoholic beverages to visitors that fall below the minimum legal age of purchase under UK law.

We do not link to websites of vendors of alcoholic products without first verifying that they have age-challenge software in place. We are satisfied that, at the time of last inspection, any vendor that we link to from this website has an adequate age-challenge method in place to prevent sales of alcohol to people who are under the minimum legal age to purchase.

We reserve the right to revisit the vendors’ websites at any time and check that their age-challenge method is adequate. Should we find that it is inadequate or not in place, then we reserve the right to immediately de-list their products from our website. Reinstatement of the vendor’s product listings will involve several checks by us that their website is compliant, including testing for the presence of age-challenging on all devices such as mobile smartphones, tablets, desktop and laptop PCs and subsequent ‘spot-checks’.

Please contact us through the website should you wish to discuss any aspect of our age verification process or should you wish to request reinstatement as a vendor.