Ossian Organic Verdejo 2020, Ossian Vides y Vinos


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An extraordinary wine from a unique place on earth, Ossian is the fruit of vines almost 200 years old – survivors of the Phylloxera pandemic that scourged the world’s vineyards in the late 19th Century. It has a lovely rich, lush juicy-ripe pear fruitiness; strongly reminiscent of young white Burgundy. This is followed by a green fennel herbal character that sets it apart as something distinct and utterly unique. Also akin to Burgundy is the finely-applied veneer of top-quality oak, which enhances but does not obscure the wine’s singular personality. Underneath all this is a tight, grippy ‘mineral’ character, suggesting that, while enjoyable now, this should also develop beautifully over a few years. The ancient vines have never been grafted, and have developed their own extensive root system deep into the sand and slate terroir that has protected them for centuries, and which contributes greatly to the notable balance and expressiveness in the wine.