Eruzione 1614 Riesling 2020, Planeta


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Absolutely beautiful young Riesling aromas of peach, juicy mango and fresh papaya, alongside distinctive notes of Mount Etna alpine herbs. The alluring scent makes taking a sip irresistible, and on the palate it’s dry and crisp and yet not overly sharp. Wonderfully soft-textured, with tangy mandarin orange and mango flavours. Absolutely delicious! The history of Etna is studded with the volcanic eruptions which have shaped it. The eruption (eruzione) of 1614 is legendary: lasting ten years and the longest ever recorded, it halted right on the edge of the vineyards of Sciaranuova. A very evocative name for the Planeta Cru dell’Etna. At the time of planting the vineyards, in keeping with their spirit of research, Planeta planted a small vineyard of Riesling – a variety which loves altitude and lava soils.