Chiaroscuro 2023, Seresin Estate


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Harmoniously combining aromatic Riesling, Pinot Gris and Gewürztraminer grapes, this wine is a fairytale marriage of delicacy and elegance to bright aromas of citrus, yellow peach and white flowers. It is also savoury and spicy, textured and structured, with huge – capricious, even – personality. The Story Of What Goldilocks Did When She Was A Little Older: After several years making PGR at Daddy Bear Wine Estates, Goldilocks’ talent was spotted by a Wise Man. “Goldilocks,” said the Wise Man, “might you agree to dream up a sophisticated PGR for aficionados, from my biodynamic vines?” Goldilocks did agree, and by tweaking the proportions created an RPG. But that sounded like something else, so CHIAROSCURO came into being.