Vinas del Vero – Blecua 2008 6x 75cl Bottles


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The 2008 Blecua is a dense red in the glass but also has surprising violet and purple tones in the background, indicative of its slow maturing over time.

Its powerful aromas make quite an impact on the nose as they rise rapidly out of the glass and one becomes immediately aware of just how many are in there, from fresh aromas reminiscent of ripe berries to the more subtle toasty aromas that blend in perfectly, particularly those that bring to mind chocolate and Havana cigars.

In the mouth, this wine is full, rounded, well-bodied, intense, full of flavour and has a long finish.

Served at between 16 and 18C. To enjoy its full character, open the bottle at least an hour before the wine is to be served, or the wine decanted.