Teso la Monja 2019, Teso la Monja


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The most surprising quality of this wine is that it genuinely expresses the magical setting of its unique origin, displaying great freshness, finesse, all-embracing tannins, an aroma of hidden depths and a deceptively ethereal weight of texture, capable of making a lasting impression. Uncork ‘Teso La Monja’ and embark on a fascinating journey to a small enchanted plot of land, a unique location on the earth’s surface, with that mystical nature found only in privileged terroirs that have achieved the status of natural heritage with the passing of decades. Cherry red in colour, with a deep ruby heart, it is very aromatic and complex, combining ripe fruit with hints of toasted wood and laurel. Full-bodied yet with a sense of weightlessness; effortlessly well-balanced, with good acidity and excellent persistence. The aromatic and taste balance are well integrated with a long and silky finish.