Pinotage ‘Printer’s Ink’ 2018, Meinert


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This is a fabulous Pinotage – one of the best we have ever tasted, including examples that cost considerably more than this. Pinotage is Pinot Noir crossed with Cinsault, and this wine tastes exactly like that – it has the beautiful hedgerow fruit of Pinot Noir, seasoned with the liquorice and star anise spice of Cinsault. Caressing the palate with Pinot’s seductive silky softness, it has just a touch more roundness and body. A succulent wine with beautiful balance and no hard edges. Martin Meinert explained that the ‘burnt rubber’ flavour associated with Pinotage is in fact the taste of careless winemaking, to which this grape variety is highly sensitive. By taking meticulous care of the fruit from picking all the way through the winemaking process, Meinert ensures that we get to experience its true – delicious – character. The Printer’s Ink name is a tribute to the Meinert family’s heritage as master printers in Namibia.