John Riddoch Limited Release Cabernet Sauvignon 2016, Wynns


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A selection of less than the top 1% of Wynns Cabernet Sauvignon production, and only made in top years, the John Riddoch Limited Release has a deep, dense colour, and pure, fragrant, concentrated aromas of blackcurrant fruit with suggestions of eucaluptus and baked earth. With super-refined texture on the palate, it has fabulous succulence and easiness, with only a hint of ‘edge’ to the tannin – although there is nothing to get in the way of enjoying this immediately. This has the precision and sophistication of the most premium echelons of Bordeaux, however its silky finesse brings Burgundy to mind. Essentially, it is itself: a fabulous wine that testifies eloquently to its vineyard origin, and to the expert hand that raised and fashioned it. While this will impress straight away, it could also be cellared for 15 years or longer.