Jack Daniels Gentleman Jack


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A premium sipping style whiskey from Jack Daniel’s in a sweet light style with little wood influence, this is a good introduction to American whiskey. The mashbill is over 80% corn and whereas Jack Daniel’s No.7 is only mellowed once by dripping it through an 8 foot stack of maple wood charcoal, the distinctive mellow character of Gentleman Jack is achieved by twice mellowing the whiskey, first through a short 2 foot stack before it enters the cask and again through the taller 8ft stack after barrel ageing – this is said to produce a smoother taste more suitable for drinking neat. The Gentleman Jack brand variation was introduced as a premium expression of the Jack Daniel’s style in 1988. A response to the trend of premiumisation, where consumers were drinking less overall but had moved up to premium level brands. Sweet nose of vanilla and caramel, mellow. Fruit and spices up front and nicely warming, lighter in flavour than JD with fewer oak notes.