Gigondas ‘Les Secrets de Montmirail’ 2019, Domaine Brusset


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This astonishing wine expresses the essence of the southern Rhône valley, with its opaque purple-black colour and concentrated aroma of black cherry coulis, cream, fresh-turned earth and soy sauce. On the palate it is suave and sophisticated, with a fabulous smooth, silky succulence, amazing richness and a surprisingly delicate violet and freesia lift on the finish. This may well age beautifully, but frankly it’s utterly irresistible right now. It comes from an exceptional site: the top three terraces of vines on Les Dentelles de Montmirail, at the foot of the imposing limestone crags that dominate the landscape for miles around. The location results in superb, natural concentration from the steep, well-drained slope; freshness from altitude and exposure to the cooler morning sun, but shade in the hot afternoon. These factors combine to create a wine of unforgettable intensity and balance.