Farvie Frankland River Syrah 2018, Swinney


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An awe-inspiring wine with the aroma of Hermitage and the texture of Richebourg, Farvie Syrah is a selection of fruit picked exclusively from the ‘morning’ side of the vine rows, which ripens more slowly and gently than fruit exposed to the afternoon sun. Whortleberry, aronia and purple grape lead into nuances of clove, star anise, stargazer lily, musk, leather and iron as it opens in the glass. In the mouth, it is super-refined, intense and concentrated in flavour; with gorgeous soft succulence of texture. There is a sprinkling of powdery tannin – discernible but utterly delicate. Undoubtedly a great wine, it would be intriguing to watch this evolve for 15 years or longer – but oh, it’s so irresistible already. Utterly harmonious.