Dominus 2002, Dominus Estate


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A vivid expression of its unique site, Dominus is a profound and powerful wine, exemplifying purity. With articulated fruit and polished tannins, the wine has elegance, complexity, great length and improves with age. 2002 was a beautiful summer, without excesses. The season ended with morning fog which assured gentle maturation of the last of the grapes. The wine exhibits a profoundness of colour – a dark red that is nearly purple. ¬The nose is immediate yet subtle, complex yet refined. It starts with an aroma of leather, continues with an essence of roasted almonds and finishes with a lingering reminiscence of blackberry. ¬is wine is harmonious and balanced; tannins are integrated with flavours of caramel, cacao, cinnamon and warm chutney. ¬The finish is expressive, feminine, aromatic and enduring.