Corton Grand Cru ‘Les Renardes’ 2006, Maison Roche de Bellene


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Les Renardes is a walled vineyard on the hill of Corton, immediately below the famous ‘Le Corton’ site. It is planted almost entirely to Pinot Noir, and produces a velvety and elegant Grand Cru wine, with complex aromas of forest floor, mushroom, ripe cherries and strawberries. Gentle vanillin and oak notes season the very long finish. The name ‘Les Renardes’ means ‘The Vixens’, and might refer to lethal and stealthy members of La Résistance who hid among the vines in WWII, or might be due to the ‘foxy’ character that the wine can develop with age, attributed to the iron-rich oolitic soil.