Cazcabel Honey Liqueur


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100% Blue (Weber) Agave grown and harvested in the highlands of the Jalisco mountains, the skilled jimadors only select mature agave plants, usually more than 7 years old. Triple distilled in the heart of the Jalisco region to produce a premium earthy spirit, a spirit fashioned from the sun-baked agave, then blended with a specially selected local honey. With the fresh, earthy and dry blanco at it’s heart, Cazcabel honey adds a dose of sweet nectar to the blend. The honey is taken from sacred bees, blessed by Don Cazcabel and in return he has never been stung. Golden amber colour. Earthy, honest honey aromas that promise a hint of sweetness. Rich, sweet and full of honey. The agave is there but the palate is dominated by the honey, it finishes with caramel and smoky notes.