Barbadillo – Palo Cortado Obispo Gascon 6x 75cl Bottles


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Palo Cortado Sherries are blended from casks singled out by the cellar master usually because they are in some way considered exceptional and distinctive. The Barbadillo Palo Cortado comes from a Special Solera with VOS age status with exceptional length and concentration. This is a wine to be sipped and contemplated in the same way you might enjoy a very old cognac. Presents a beatiful amber colour and is brilliant in appearance. Intense on the nose with hints of fine wood, almonds, cinnamon, nutmeg and crystallized fruits. Due to its age, it is dry, powerful and potent on the palate,but at the same time demostrates delicacy and finesse. It has a wonderfully long finish to enhance the overall experience.