9 di Dante – Inferno Vermouth 75cl Bottle


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9 Di Dante Inferno is an original recipe inspired on Dantes Divine Comedy. Twenty-seven herbs and botanicals are extracted by hand at the distillery in Alba. Nine of these have been specifically chosen for their historical significance, closely linked to the
each of the nine circles of hell. The richness of these essences is carefully blended in red Dolcetto and white Cortese wines to ensure a product that is characteristically tannic while maintaining high levels of freshness and acidity.

Intense bright ruby in colour. A distinct nose that preserves the characteristic tannic and cherry notes of Dolcetto wines, followed by aromas of orange zest, vanilla and fruits of theforest. On tasting, a floral opening with cardamom and basil, that gives way to a refreshing and mildly spiced explosion of taste. Closes with a pleasant amaro finish that lingers briefly.

9 di Dante respects the artisanal traditions of Piemonte to produce an innovative product that will surprise you in appearance and taste. A Vermouth di Torino Superiore that has been blended to be enjoyed alone or over ice with a twist of orange peel. It will bring a new injection of life and a bit of sin to your Americano and Negroni.